The 5 Best Watermelon Slicers 2020

Best Watermelon SlicersIf you are interested in buying a watermelon slicer, it is essential that you do your research before making the purchase. Remember that when you buy a product like this, you must know how to use it properly.

You may have seen the best watermelon slicer before but it was only on a salad in a restaurant. At that point, you wouldn’t have known that there was a thing called a watermelon slicer. Nowadays, slicers have become important tools for people who like to eat watermelons. There are many types of slicers to choose from, so you have to consider your needs and determine what style of a watermelon slicer you want.

Before you go out and purchase one, you have to make sure that you are getting a good quality product. There are plenty of different manufacturers that make great watermelon slicers but choosing one that is expensive or one that won’t last as long is not worth it.

One of the most popular brands is Hanjo Cucurbita Zizano. This slicer is made of stainless steel and features an integrated switch so that you can cut the watermelon, seeds, stems, and pit all at the same time.

It can slice perfectly fine for the average person, but for those who like to do things a little bit more advanced, they should go with the Kiwanis Watermelon Cutters. This slicer will allow you to peel the watermelon as well as cut it. This is perfect for people who have a large group of friends over and need to make sure that everything is fresh.

Best Watermelon Slicers – Top 10 Recommended (2020 Update)

This slicer is also very handy because it allows you to slice the fruit into small cubes. This can be a great way to use it because you can bring them inside to use them as decorations or to help others with their salads. You can even use the little cubes for kids to help cut out their own shapes.

Another slicer to consider is the Kaltenborn Paring Slicer. This slicer allows you to create delicious fruit slices that will suit all kinds of fruit.

With this slicer, you can slice off pieces that are short and square, making it look like a cucumber shape. Other types of fruit slices include lemon, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, apple, peach, pear, and strawberry.

When it comes to slicing watermelons, it is important that you know how to slice it perfectly. This is where a slicer like the Kiwanis Watermelon Cucurbita Zizano is very helpful. It has a lot of features and is designed to slice the fruit perfectly every time.

This slicer is a lot smaller than the others that are mentioned above and is great for slicing either the whole watermelon or a section of it. It also has a built-in cutting wheel that allows you to make sure that the slices are perfectly cut and no one misses a part of the fruit.

This Windmill Slicer Is the Best Watermelon Cutter on Amazon

One great feature that this slicer has been the backlit display, which makes it easy to see exactly how the watermelon has been sliced. Because this is an important aspect of the fruit, it is important that you learn how to properly slice it.

If you can slice it right, you won’t miss a single piece of the fruit. By purchasing the right watermelon slicer, you will be sure to be able to enjoy a delicious watermelon anytime you please.

Finding the perfect slicer pertaining to your home could possibly be tricky, and that means you should be certain to take these reasons under consideration prior to confirming your potential purchase. Planning proactively can save you a lot of time in the long run and leave you with a much better product for you and your needs.

The convenient devices that include some watermelon slicing kits certainly aren’t for everybody, but for the proper household, they make a huge difference. Personally, i like having a melon baller around so you can get creative with my food by crafting beautiful edible arrangements for small gatherings and backyard barbeques.

Moreover, many of these slicers are also 2-in-1 servers. This may seem like an insignificant feature, but you’d be amazed how much period you’ll lower out of your meal prep process simply by getting rid of this extra stage.

Added tools may also be great if you want to obtain the kids involved. Though many of the slicers themselves have intentionally sharp blades unsuitable for kids, the stylistic tools often have rounded edges, which signifies that your kid can experience included without unintentionally hurting themselves.

Best Watermelon Slicer You Can Buy in 2020

That is perhaps the most crucial feature to consider when buying a slicer. While some options cut the watermelon into hassle-free cubes, you sometimes end up sacrificing a lot of surface area of the food simply by the type of the slicer. In which particular case, you might want to decide on a slicer that cuts the complete watermelon simultaneously to make sure that you don’t lose out on any tasty fruit.

Though watermelon cubes can be less messy, they also don’t have the classic summer feel of eating directly off of the watermelon rind. Make sure you consider how you plan to take your watermelon before you select out a slicer for your house.

There is a very important factor I’ve never comprehended about watermelons. How come it ripen during summer season or in areas that are known to experience sizzling climates?

This nutrient-dense fruit is definitely associated with summer season and picnics.

The fruit is known to assume a rich red color and contain a large amount of sweet drinking water. Trust me, there is normally nothing at all so amazing compared to the pleasure of a slice of frosty watermelon on an incredibly hot summer day time.

The enjoyment may be destroyed if you don’t have the right tools to slice your fruit.

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You will all agree with me that as the knife is normally capable of performing, each time you slice the watermelon there has to be a mess in the kitchen with the juice spreading all over.

Well, the watermelon slicers are here to solve your problems.

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If you’ve ever used this tool, you do know that it’s a life changer. For those of us who love this fruit specifically through the hot time of year and yet experience lazy with regards to slicing it utilizing a knife, this is your solution. You don’t have to think again and again anymore.

The slicer does the task in mere seconds to some minutes and aside from the slicer’s style is in a way that the juice can be retained in the fruit rind. In addition, it reduces the unneeded waste materials of the fruit.

It’s safe and easy to use

Unlike the knife , with a slicer, your hands are not exposed to the blade. This means that it’s next to impossible for one to be wounded by a slicer.

You see I’ve 2 small curious women who wish to try all things I’m performing in your kitchen. With the slicer, I never have to worry and fight with them not to slice our melon. All you need to do is hold the slicer and fruit properly.

Because the watermelon is normally gentle, the slicer’s blade isn’t made so sharpened. This minimises your likelihood of ever obtaining hurt by using this device.

The clean work

Our hands are known to contain bacteria which may contaminate the food we eat. This tool helps you ensure that the hands don’t contact the fruit’s flesh. Furthermore, there are slicers that not merely cut the watermelon but also take away the flesh from your skin and act as a tong to serve.

Additionally, the slicer leaves your working surface clean as earlier stated. In short, forget the messy kitchen. This happens because the fruit’s juice continues to be in the rind rather than spread all around the work surface.

Saves period

You and I both understand the period of time it requires to slice a melon when using a knife. In fact, I am the kind of person who would get tired of trimming the fruit with a knife even before I start. Nevertheless, with the slicer, I never consider it because it will need me literary secs to possess my fruit up for grabs.

Your knives can last longer

Reducing the watery fruits with the knife makes them come in contact with moisture. You additionally have to wash them frequently which makes them blunt eventually. You may not understand this, but if you use a knife like the expensive chef’s knife, you will need to keep it secure and make certain it lasts much longer.

Having said that, I understand you may be saying you could still make use of a knife and get the job done. I say sure you can, but why use a knife when you can use the slicer and maintain hygiene, security, save time and save your valuable costly knife?


Prior to going and purchase your slicer, there are several factors that you can consider.

The slicer materials

I would encourage you to choose a stainless-steel material. It is because if you buy a slicer that is susceptible to rust, it’ll be a way to obtain health hazard for you. The stainless-metal materials is worldly regarded as simple to clean and keep maintaining since it by no means entertains the presence of staining and rusts.

Besides, since this tool is trimming the consumables, it’s not enough for it to end up being rustproof only. It must be made out of food grade materials. Ensure that both plastic material and silicone parts are BPA-free of charge and the majority of all not produced using toxic chemical substances.

It’s recommended to avoid plastic material watermelon slicers because they aren’t long lasting.

The slicer’s size

Who wants to buy a slicer that won’t be used when you need to cut small or larger watermelons?

Make sure that the space of the slicing part is suitable to make use of in melons of all sizes. Furthermore, make sure that the overall length of the slicer is perfect to use in watermelon of any size. Remember, watermelons vary in sizes and you want to buy an instrument that will match most sizes.

Easy to completely clean

I favor kitchenware that’s dishwasher secure and also simple to clean by hand. It doesn’t really matter if you want to use silver gold or bronze to make your watermelon slicer. If your material could have parts that aren’t simple to reach the bits of the melon stay in, bacterial development will be inevitable.

Should have a strong cutting wire

If you are familiar with a cheese slicer then this looks something near to it. It generally has a little cutting cable or a pole occasionally. The wire needs to be strong and durable.

Should be easy to use

You want to buy a watermelon slicer that is comfortable to use especially ensuring that the handle is a nonslip kind. It will have instructions so that you can follow about how to utilize it. You may even find the deal with material that won’t slip even though it is wet.

Preferably buy a flexible tool

Who doesn’t want a tool with unique features that will make you unique melon slices?

Food is mostly about making it attractive to the eye. This tool might help your expire item be eye-getting by producing different forms and adornments for garnishes.


The common way to use a watermelon slicer is usually using the following actions:

  • In case you have a whole watermelon, take a razor-sharp chef’s knife and cut the watermelon in half.
  • Hold your watermelon slicer with your right or left hand based on your most energetic hand. Make sure that the curve of the blade faces downwards.
  • Rest your other hands that is said to be a supporting hands on underneath of the watermelon. Make sure it is on underneath because in the event that you wear it the medial side of the melon, you’ll be struggling to control the sliding of the melon from the reducing board.
  • Put in your slicer in to the flesh as you try to ensure it gets therefore near to the rind but by no means achieving the rind. A solid wired slicer will help you with this. This is to reduce too much waste.
  • Cut it vertically down and through the middle section of the fruit. You are trimming it from top to bottom while observing that you follow the shape of the melon.
  • Continue the same process following the initial slice as your guidebook.
  • In some cases, you might find that the flesh is normally tough making the slicer obtain stuck in the flesh. In cases like this, move the slicer along. It’ll then slice the unusual jagged edges of the watermelon.
  • To be able to select the slices, flip the watermelon slicer making certain the curve today faces upwards and contain the slice of melon and serve.
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Be aware it’s better to slice the slice completely down then remove it. That way you avoid the tendency to not reach the bottom of the watermelon or living solid slices next to the rind on the sides.

  • How to cut it even faster

There is a slicer that helps you cut it even faster in 3 steps

  • Wash your fruit clean and slice the the surface of the melon
  • Slice the bottom level of the melon
  • Flip your melon and place your gourmet at the top and press it inside to underneath.

There you possess your slices prepared and gorgeous.


1. Path Best Watermelon Slicer (2-Pack )

I must say this is one of my favourite kitchen tools because it comes with interesting extra features. It includes a 2-in-1 melon baller and fruit carving knife. The device is made using the high-quality stainless-metal.

Its versatility makes your projects amazingly easy. You can use it for cubing, slicing, grabbing and serving your melon. Furthermore, you may use it to cut the cantaloupes, honeydew and even your cake. The fact that it functions smoothly therefore reducing the messy function is an advantage.

This tool is simple to use since it includes a comfortable nonslip handle grasp. This means that you utilize less hard work when slicing the melon. It’s dishwasher safe, simple to store and is normally user-friendly.


Perform you love to cook? This product should be your number one choice because it has a recipe publication.

It is simple to use.

It grabs your watermelons perfectly.

A suitable tool for your creative culinary decorations.


Suitable for small and moderate watermelons.

4. Chef Remi Most recent 3-IN-1 Watermelon Slicer Knife

This is a device which will slice your melon quickly. Would you like a device which will effectively get rid of the messy function? Use this device to cut, primary, scoop and cube your watermelon effortlessly. Actually, the slicing style leaves you with a watermelon rind bowl that you might use to provide your salads among various other dishes.

Examine the video here:

The blade is made using a stainless-steel and corrosion a food grade metallic. The laser tested product is durable and of a high professional level. The trimming blade is further made solid to help it carve flesh close to the rind thereby reducing wastage.

The fact that it has an ergonomically designed handle for slip resistance can be an encouragement. It gives you a smooth grip and ability to use it even if your hands are wet. It’s light in weight and requires you to use less effort when slicing the melon.

Furthermore, this is a dishwasher safe tool and will help you slice your cakes, and fruits fast. If you love making decorations for your meal then you must have the tool. Since its small, the storage is a non-issue.


That is something that’s constructed for comfort and protection.

The high-quality materials used to create it assures you of strength.

It includes a firm style that is simple to clean.


Not so uncomplicated to make use of by many initially.

3. Watermelon Slicer 15” Large Stainless-Metal Fruit Melon Slicer

The slicer can be your other exclusive kind. It’s incredibly huge with a style that really helps to slice a watermelon, pineapple, vegetables, cantaloupe, honeydew and even more. The product includes a round style with a simple grip deal with that keeps your hands away from the blades.

The super-high-quality product helps to make your 12 uniform slices. The best part can be that the device doesn’t bend once you are employing it. The device is dishwasher secure and reduces enough time you’ll spend to slice the melon to secs.

You merely need to slice the best and bottom level of the melon after that insert it at the top component then force as proven in the diagram in the above list.


It’s effectively easy to maintain make use of.

It has stainless blades.

Enjoys a durable construction.

It has non-toxic and also non-slip firm handles for security.


To use it, you must cut the whole melon which means that in case you have fewer persons then the watermelon may head to waste.

4. Watermelon Slicer + Tong by Sleeké

With this device, the slicing of the melon is normally simply a breeze. Chat of an excellent design product that’s eye-catching. If trimming the melon has always been a frustrating process whereby you must mess your kitchen, say bye to those days.

The design makes it feel durable in your hands. The modern watermelon slicer includes a heavy blade that won’t just carve the flesh near to the rind but it’s also long lasting. Besides, for your celebrations, you could utilize the rind bowls for deserts decoration reasons.

I understand there is indeed much to accomplish in your kitchen with reference to food preparation here is a tool that will help you cut a watermelon in about 3 minutes.


The product gives you a firm grip.

It’s an eye-catching device.

It includes a thick deal with which means it’ll carve out the majority of the flesh.

It really is simple to clean and shop because it’s created from stainless-steel metallic.


The device gets trapped in the melon occasionally.

5. Safer Slicer Watermelon Slicer Server

Together with your slicer, you could quickly dice or cut your melon into slices. Since watermelon can be a juicy fruit, the tool was created in a manner that makes it simple to support the juice in the rind. This implies that your kitchen remains clean.

Enjoy more melon within a short time and with less mess. For an enhanced comfort, the plastic handle has ergonomically designed dimples which give your hands a company nonslip grasp.

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The blade utilized is made from a high-quality stainless-steel materials with a BPA free of charge plastic deal with. The product is available in black or green colour. The design further ensures that you only have to use less effort to come up with the slices.


It gives you a high-quality non-slip grip.

The product is dish-washer safe.

It’s easy to slice and dice the melon.

The slicer is definitely child-friendly.


You will only have it dishwasher safe if you use it at a minimal temperature

6. Kitchenetes Superior Watermelon Slicer Cutter Established Stainless Fruit Carving Kitchen Utensil Package

Another quick and effortless method to carve out your watermelon. The device will cut not merely your watermelons but also honeydews and various other fruits. It can benefit split the flesh from your skin.

The tool is manufactured using the high-quality materials that makes it long lasting and secure to make use of. What’s even more, it comes with a carving knife and spoon which allows you to become innovative with your deserts. The tool is easy to use because it doesn’t possess razor-sharp edges that could cut you.


It’s simple to clean.

It’s simple to use.

It’s a long lasting tool created from high-quality materials.

The carving knife and spoon enable you to carve your melons in amazing styles.


Suits only small to medium watermelon.

7. ScharfPro Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

This is an all in one slicer that will cut and help you serve the melon fast. The tool also works as a tong for quick service. If you don’t like a messy kitchen here is your product that will cut the soft and perfect searching slices while keeping the surplus juice in the melon rind.

The tool is manufactured utilizing a high-quality stainless-steel materials. It includes a superior power and lifetime strength. It’s stain and corrosion resistance device with a non-slip handle that gives super firm grip. It is further easy to clean in a dishwasher or warm soapy water.


For your slicing, reducing and grabbing.

The materials used is certainly a high-quality stainless.

Offers you a sure company grip


You still need to make use of a knife to slice the watermelon in two.

8. Fruit Slicer Peeler GROUP OF 6

Rather than purchasing one watermelon slicer you will want to buy a couple of different slicers and peelers. The product will make your work easier by saving the time you need to prepare your fruits and veggies. The tools have the desired sharp blades that help reduce the hassles of trimming.

The tools are ergonomically designed to offer sturdy and firm non-slip grips. This ensures that you possess utmost control of your equipment. The slicers, cutters and peelers are created using the high-quality stainless material.

For all your kitchen enthusiasts, that is a must-possess set since it enables you to work on different fruits and veggies.


The tools are for different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The various tools are created using durable components that provide longevity.

The handles are company and durable.


The plastic equipment aren’t of top quality.

9. Thrive home items Watermelon Slicer Corer + Server

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This watermelon slicer is preferable to using the standard knife since it cores, cuts and acts your melon all using the same device. For convenience, the tool includes a rubber deal with that ensures you not merely have a company grip but offers soft and easy slicing.

It is made using a stainless- steel material that ensures durability. The blade is thick and strong with cutting teeth that are smooth and round. It is a kid’s secure tool.


It includes a watermelon recipe publication.

It really is dishwasher secure.

It has a sturdy and firm design.

The slicer helps you retain all the juices in the watermelon primary.


Be cautious, as opposed to what they state in the review, it’s very simple to cut your index finger when you apply pressure to the top of the device.

10. Watermelon Slicer Cutter Corer & Server

Here is another ergonomically designed slicer. It offers you an unique comfortable grip handle. This tool is ideal for your fast and simple slicing of the watermelon. The framework helps it be uncomplicated to cut the melon, honeydews, cantaloupes and cakes without breaking.

The distance of the slicer implies that it’s best used for medium-sized watermelon. It features a circular edged and blades that are not extremely sharp. This makes is usually child-friendly. When you use the slicer, the parts are thought to come out equally.

It’s also a dishwasher-safe device with a durable design.


It really is easy to maintain make use of.

Dishwasher safe material.

Cuts the slices evenly.


The sturdiness of the trimming wire is normally questionable.


The amazing health advantages of watermelons makes them probably the most popular fruits for just about any dish, and is enjoyed and cherished by a lot of people, especially through the summertime. However, getting to slice a watermelon without the right tool can be actually quite a tough feat to pull off, especially when you are not as experienced in doing so. You are likely to mess up your kitchen when using a regular knife to slice watermelons which is not so great, not to talk of the threat of injuring yourself along the way. This is why technology provides birthed the watermelon reducing tool, to create slicing this valuable fruit simpler and much less messy. It gets the work done very quickly, and will save you so enough time and energy.

From my list, I’d say the very best watermelon slicer is normally Large STAINLESS Fruit Melon Slicer. From the grade of metallic utilized to the design of the product to the simple usage, nobody will be this honest with their item.

After all, what they state is everything you obtain. There aren’t advertising strategies here, simply a good quality make of device. The device is strong and its own longevity is as a result unavoidable. My second choice will be Premium Watermelon Slicer Set.

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