jureHi, my name is Jure (pronounced Joor) and I come from Slovenia, which is a small communist country in Eastern Europe, that used to be part of Czechoslovakia. As you might have guessed, we speak Russian there and Vodka is our national drink. Our winters usually last from September to May and the average snow-cover at any given time is about 1 meter.

If nothing above struck you as a tad off, one of the following points might explain it:
-You skipped geography lessons at school.
-Your country´s education system is not particularly good.
-You unfortunately haven´t had the chance to travel to that part of the world.
-You´re a honey badger and well you just don´t care.

OK, now seriously… Slovenia: Central Europe, not communist, used to be part of Yugoslavia, language is Slovenian, beer and wine is what people drink, weather: -20C to +40.

And sorry for wasting your time if you already knew that, but hey you asked for it by navigating to the About section.


As mentioned above my name is Jure and I come from Slovenia, however I currently live in Qatar. I’ve decided to start this blog, since I love traveling and probably have some sort of a condition that makes me anxious and depressed if I go without it for too long. So I happily treat it with as many trips as I can make.

Since my family mostly took us kids to neighboring Croatia all the time (an awesome place by the way), I had some catching up to do when I reached adulthood. I´m currently at 34 countries visited, however I continuously keep returning to several of them. While I do have to admit that I like growing that list just for the sheer fun of collecting countries, I´m not hellbent on doing ridiculous things like spending 5h in a country, calling it been there done that and ticking that little box.