Have Qataris always been a minority in their country?


Qatar has been making headlines in the media – mainly controversial – over the last few years. It is a land of intrigue since very little of the “local” news makes it out of the country, even less now that Doha News has had to “scale back” its content.

The tiny desert nation has a population of about 2.3 million people (official figure from the Qatar Statistics Authority) with slightly over 10 percent comprising local Qataris. Authorities are very careful with releasing the exact number of Qataris, and figures available today have been arrived at through calculations from various data sources made public. The reason why, obviously, is because Qataris are such a huge minority in their own country.

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  1. Spot on…Well done on article.. been here 13 years ..With 3 kids born during that time.. was good and peaceful ..Now every passing day feels like a departure countdown ..

  2. Very nice post, thank you Priya! I recently left Qatar after living there 3 years. It was a great experience, and so interesting. I learned quite a bit from your post. I look forward to future entries!

  3. A well written article giving some insight as to what’s bubbling below the surface in Qatar. Looking forward to more posts!!!!

    I worked in Qatar for 8 years and generally enjoyed my experience there, but always with apprehension that justice and freedom of expression were not part of the package. The local newspapers are wholly useless in that they don’t report on any sensitive news. The only exception and bright light is DohaNews, who are meticulous and careful with their reporting, but it has since been blocked in Qatar.

  4. A great read! I am also a Qatar-born; my father as well. Like yourself, my family came here in the 1950s and though my grandfather could’ve got the Qatari citizenship if he so willed, I believe since my father’s time (early 1980s), there is no hope of this ever happening. I left Qatar early this year, for good. I hope people who come to this country with hopes and aspirations of a better life, do good financially and personally.


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