We’ve done Armenia with our own set of wheels, having rented a car in the capital – Yerevan. From there it’s about and hour’s drive to reach Geghard, however be extra vigilant when driving as roads are a joke in general, but they take on another dimension in the stretch leading to the monastery. As in the road level will drop like a step by 40 centimeters in parts.

Image credit: Wandelion
Image credit: Wandelion

The monastery has been partially carved out of the hills surrounding it in 1215 and was originally founded back in the 4th century AD.
Geghard Monastery in Armenia

The real treat as mentioned before is once you get inside, since the light pouring in from the windows soaks the chambers in a truly mysterious way.

Pretty girl in Geghard Monastery

Light coming in a monastery in Armenia

Otrhodox priest in Geghard

Monastery candlesAs is usual for Orthodox churches, the stick candles add further to the atmosphere, making the monastery a perfect place for some introspection.
Candles in Geghard Monastery

With sermons still taking place, Geghard is very much an active place of worship.

Sermon Armenia

In the immediate vicinity of the monastery, there are other places of interest, such as the ancient Greek temple perched above a valley amid the arid hills of Armenia.

Armenia landscape

A really interesting little walk takes you from the small town en route to Geghard, where spectacular rock formations can be seen. They look like they had been carved out by a human hand, however in reality it’s mother nature’s own work.

Rock formations in Armenia



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