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India is all the world's problems and aspirations combined in a mesmerizing masala of life.

Garbage in Agra

The incredibly dirty India!

The country is a shock, even for people that have traveled quite extensively! Seriously, it's just mind boggling how dirty India really is. I'll...

Beef stew with ash gourd – South India cooking school

In this take from the South India on a Plate series, we take a look at how to make a beef stew with ash...

Steamed fish in banana leaf – South India cooking school

First off let me say a little bit about this "Steamed fish in banana leaf" recipe. Recently I've relocated to a small village near Mangalore,...
Largest gatherings map, kumbh mela

India explained in 20 maps

India is a captivating place, not only to travel but also to read and get to know about. The following set of 20 maps look into the story of this riveting country.

India travel costs – How much did we spend?

We've recently been on another trip around India and I've decided to write down absolutely all expenses we had while travelling in order to be...


Usually people know Bhopal as that place where the horrible chemical disaster happened. Sure, there’s that, but did you also know it has one of the most interesting museums out there?

No incredible India

My husband, Jure, and his guide were attacked in Ooty recently. Many aspects of this incident rankle us – we sway from angry, upset,...

How I got robbed and my guide brutally beaten while traveling in Ooty, India

While traveling in Ooty, which is located in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, me alongside my tourist guide and a local fishermen...
Ancient carvings of people having sex

Ancient sex scenes in Khajuraho are hardcore!

Khajuraho is one of those rare places in India that are dirty in a good way, unlike the images of trash lying around on...

How to spend 2 days in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a great place to spend a few days in, with all its interesting history, bustling streets, and a happening night life. Not to...